Using Music to heal yourself

It was on my first roadtrip at the age of 18 in the then sleepy town of Byron Bay that I stumbled across the book "The Tao of Music".

Although the classical music was not my style, it was the concept that captured me.  What if we could use music to improve our mood, to lift us out of the crud and back into the light.  And it was today, that I realised I really needed something to get me feeling …. better.

The whole concept is you choose songs to get you from one mood to another.  I find I start with the songs that make you feel loved and match where you are.  It could be soulful, or emotive, able to lash out or wistful.  Whatever helps you feel like you are heard.  And then move onto something else, whether a memory, or whatever song you feel drawn to.  As long as you feel you are being true to how you feel.

So I grabbed my mobile and found myself singing along to all the deep soulful songs in the shower, while washing the crud away.  And I found it was the songs that reminded me of moments in my world that impacted the most while letting me feel all the emotions hidden away inside.

My playlist began with Billie Jean sung by Chris Cornell, a soulful emotive rendition that leaves you wondering how haunting and beautiful it can be all at once.

And be careful of what you do ’cause the lie becomes the truth

– Michael Jackson

I then weaved in songs with depth and soul that meant something in my world like swaying in the audience, listening to the tales of how these songs were written (Thanks Crazy Heart by Wes Carr)

Or Being a teenager and  jumping on the bed singing at the top of my voice (Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos) And slowly I added in some rock with Since You’ve been Gone Powderfinger, Paint it Black by Rolling Stones and Ramble on by Led Zeppelin.

Finally Cosby Sweater by Hilltop Hoods to bounce around and get jiggy.

I think I am a bit hooked.  It not only got me out of a funk, it also got me reminiscing about all the times music have helped me heal.  Thinking about what theme to add to the playlist I need next….

90’s ?  Movie songs? 🎸🎧🎤 

PS If you have any suggestions, would love to hear them!


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