7 Ways to Cleanse Your Space

The energy in a room can affect you in a good & in a negative way. A room that has had no love or care for a long time can feel very uncomfortable while a child’s bedroom can feel light & cheerful. Take time this month to cleanse your space.

De-clutter: Read “The life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo. I fell in love with it’s simplicity. What I learnt was to hold things in my hands & look at them with my heart. “Do I really need this?” I found I could feel which items brought me joy & which ones did not.

Remove all unloved items: If you bought something & realised it was not suitable… it has served it’s purpose. It has taught you not to buy this style of item again. If someone gave you a gift, but it is not your style. It has served it’s purpose. The love was in the act of giving the item to you, not holding it in your home. These 2 thoughts removed much of the guilt when clearing my home.

Clean the corners: This can be the main areas of your house that never get love. Whether you use the vacuum cleaner or just the duster, cleaning the corners, the window sill, behind the couch & tv can dramatically lift the energy & space.

Onions: A great way to cleanse & remove negative energy. Cut them in half & put anywhere that doesn’t feel quite right. Leave for 3-4 hours & then put in the bin. Do not use these for cooking or compost. The energy it absorbs needs to be removed completely from the house.

Fresh Air & Light: If there is a nice day, open the windows & curtains and air out your home. Sunlight is a great way to freshen a room.

Lemon: This may sound a little different. I felt weird doing it but the difference afterwards was amazing. I just cut a lemon in half and waved the lemon around me and in my energy field. I felt like a new person after. Do not knock it until you have tried it!

Incense & Smudge sticks: You can light these & walk from room to room. I also walk around the house setting intent for each space whether it is peace, joy, harmony, love… Whatever you want more of in your home. “I wish this space much light, love & joy”. Try asking for excitement & fun and see if you can feel the difference.

Essential Oils: Pop a diffuser on in any room that needs a cleanse. I use muscle testing as a way to see what my energy or the space needs. This is a great tool to learn how to connect with your intuition too!

A clear, happy space, helps clear your head & reinvigorates your soul.

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