Working with your Shadow Self

This is the coolest thing to bring into your life….. right now.

This journey will help reveal just how much depth there is to who you are. This activity is about looking into your soul and seeing the good in every part of you..

Your ‘laziness’ allows you to see if there are more efficient ways to do things. Your ‘slowness’ is when you are being methodical & ensuring all the requirements are being fulfilled.

There are many ways to complete a task & we all have assets that we bring to the table.

Take a look at all of your supposed ‘faults’ – those words that when you hear them, a pain hits you. or you feel fear or anger rising within you.

List them all down. Guilty, crazy, stupid, fearful, bitchy.

There are sooooo many many more than this Write all of those down that you feel you are in denial that they exist within you.

Now every person is capable of feeling every emotion from fear to joy, from chaos to structure, you are infinite. Everything has duality and one cannot exist without the other.. You have to have fear inside of you to be able to feel joy.

Look at each of these words and try and find a purpose of why it is in your life. What benefit it has.
Even if it is for the simple reason that you needed to experience it to know you did not need it anymore.

The more you can appreciate these parts of yourself that you have held hidden for so long, the more you can expand into your true self. This life is about growth. And through growth and expansion, you will discover just how incredible you truly are.

You are truly limitless and beyond definition.

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