Ready to love your Body?

Your body is the temple of your soul.

First off, let’s think about your body in a different way, such as the amazing jobs it carries out every day. Between moving blood, oxygen, nutrients & keeping up your immunity, how quickly it works to heal your wounds, & nurture your cells.

Take the time today to thank your body for all it offers you.

Thank every part of you.

Even those parts of you, that have not felt love…. for a long time.

And it could be from a number of reasons, whether it is illness, or an accident, whether it stretched or just doesn’t behave the way you wish it would.

Put your hands on these parts of you & hold them like they are a newborn. Cradle them & show them complete unconditional love.

You deserve love.

All of you.

Take the time, in your next shower, to hug all those parts of you, that have been denied love for however long.

Hug them, appreciate them & thank them for being in your life.

That your life is what it is today because of the body you carry around with you.

And this journey you are taking, needs this extraordinary vehicle to carry you.

There is time to heal yourself. Spare even a minute each day, to say thank-you. & show it love all the way down to your cells. They have the ability to return to their natural healthy state just by you blocking out the negative talk & replacing it with love.

In return you will feel more alive, more energy, healthier & fitter.
A confident & healthy body is a couple of hugs away.

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