Energetic Cleansing your Space & Home

There are days when I feel like my home is not matching my energy?  Or find myself looking around my space and not feeling good?  I've cleansed, decluttered and used my essential blends, but for some reason I just can't move it.

What about we look at what the funk is connected to energetically?  Is it my house or god forbid, is it something within me that my home is reflecting!

I know, deep thoughts to start the day!

I have feng shui’d, added incense, & crystals, got my indoor plants healthier, and more natural light.  If you are finding yourself unhappy with your external environment, let’s have a look what you are not letting in.

Automatic Writing:  Try asking yourself specifically what you are needing help with.  ie ‘My home is not lighting me up, What can I do’ and see what comes out. 

Visualisations:  As I asked for help, my soul talked about pain I was holding on to.  One of the things that really helps me heal, is to simply visualise this pain being taken from me and passed over to either your guides, angels or those that help you in this life. 

Setting Permission/Boundaries:   We can be affected by negative energies in our space.  I simply state that I do not allow negative or neutral energies to be in my space and they no longer have permission to be in my space.   Think about what these boundaries are ie not just your internal home but also outside as well. 

Muscle Testing:  I do find Muscle Testing is a great way to get answers for these cleansing sessions.  ie Is there anything else I need to do in this area.  or is there any other things I would benefit in doing in this area.  Re word this a few times to make sure you are done.

I found after doing these handful of things, I felt lighter and was dancing around the house being having fun being a goof ball.  I could relax and know my home is lovingly needing a clean but no longer a cleanse…

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