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Shift your BS, Goddess PODCAST

It may have been over many fun conversations that we delved, grew and uncovered the sh*te we were carrying that we realised, others would also benefit from these conversations.  Our unique backgrounds meant we never let our friends stay in their funk but help them see new ways of moving through it and getting closer […]

Connecting your soul to Earth

Aaaah it is a time where we learn so much more about who we are and what we love as we learn to trust ourselves and embrace our journey on Earth this lifetime. I find myself wanting to connect with my soul and learn more about who I am, what I love and what a […]

Unerthn Series

The Unerthn series is about connecting with like minded souls and learning ideas for intuition, manifesting, soul healing and much more. Cheriee and I are the hosts of this series and love having soul filled, authentic conversations with humour while learning and growing. We have been gathering as a group at the Steakhouse in Stanthorpe […]

REPLAY- Timeline Manifesting with Hayley

Erthn has been hosting these series to connect with many about ways to heal, connect, and learn more and we were delighted to have Hayley share her toolkit. Each of these will be hosted online and streamed so you can access these free for a limited time. Hayley came along to share her timeline manifesting […]

Finding Meaning.

I have taken up reading again, with this spare time on our hands! It was the reminder of Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor who wrote about how to see the good when your external world is not reflecting it to you. Myself, I keep pushing that somehow, wherever we are, it is for a grander […]