REPLAY- Timeline Manifesting with Hayley

Erthn has been hosting these series to connect with many about ways to heal, connect, and learn more and we were delighted to have Hayley share her toolkit.

Each of these will be hosted online and streamed so you can access these free for a limited time.

Hayley came along to share her timeline manifesting process which involved working with a chosen goal and inserting it into your future timeline with a guided hypnotherapy journey.

We were very lucky to be stepped through this entire process and learn another way to manifest your desires.

We loved doing this in person, but you will have just as much a hoot following along here.

Just grab a pen, paper and time where you will be uninterrupted.

You will also find the guided journey starts just after 32 minutes if you wish to skip through to here once you have your SMART goal in mind (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic with a Timeline).

If you have a chance to share how you went with this, we would love to hear!

Next part of the Unerthn series, Monday 1 Feb, you will find Natalie sharing her techniques to heal using light language through song and words.

If you are new to this, you may want to check out her work on her website .

You will find her free downloadable cosmic heart transmission so you can see her in action.

If you are wondering what light language is, think a way to heal your soul/body through vibrations, sound and language. I remember the first time I heard Natalie share her work with me and I felt my body readjust and felt all tingly and by the end of it, felt like I had shifted something quite incredible.

Natalie sings, speaks and tones directly to the soul, DNA and body consciousness at a vibrational level that bypasses the linear mind. This means you resonate on a soul level with the frequencies being spoken and sung for personal expansion. This is what other people have said….

“I am in awe of the work that Natalie does! I walked in a felt calm immediately in her presence. As soon as she started the session, I could feel my body relax into the safe space that she provides. I don’t recall the energy session itself however afterwards I felt like so much energy had been released from my body, my mind was clearer, and I felt like I was buzzing! ” Selina

“It is a life changing experience which helped me in shifting my perspective to my true life purpose full stop by taking part in this circle you will find yourself immersed in all of the love and support that the universe has to offer.” Cheriee

Natalie’s Cosmic Transmissions can support you to:

  • Clear old blocked energy so you feel lighter and brighter
  • Feel heart opening and expansion
  • Sustain unity frequencies
  • Activate ancient skills and wisdom
  • Experience transformation
  • Connect to higher self and oneness
  • Enhance connection to the earth

Pop on over to Natalie’s website so you can learn more about what she offers and see what you think. RSVP’s are here for her Unerthn Session which will be via Facebook Live.

Otherwise feel free to keep an eye out on the Unerthn calendar as we continue to share all the different ideas, tools, and stories that helps us heal, grow our intuition and trust our self. PS If you would like to join us as a presenter, feel free to email us at

And thanks to all those who joined us on the live chat – we had such a hoot! Please comment below & let us know what you thought… Would love to hear what you discovered through the timeline manifesting process too!

Much love & light 🌙

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