Finding Meaning.

I have taken up reading again, with this spare time on our hands! It was the reminder of Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor who wrote about how to see the good when your external world is not reflecting it to you.

Myself, I keep pushing that somehow, wherever we are, it is for a grander reason than first thought.

The business my husband and I operate is quiet with all the changes in place, therefore we have time to reflect on what is important to us and what we need in our world. And we have food & toilet paper!

Our extra time with our children terrified me at first because our home is small and when we are crowded together it is loud, however I chose to think of this as a new way of bonding and finding ways to really enjoy each others company. Getting out the board games and so many craft boxes we have, talking about setting up the sheet and projector one night to do outdoor movies, or having marshmallows around the fire.

The extra time at home is a chance to recreate it into something I love, and to put time into skills or hobbies I have put off – like learning to cook and help my plants get healthy.

I find the meaning in theses areas of my world allows me to feel as though I have purpose and also to feel like I am choosing to feel good… somehow.

It was reading about Frankl belief that finding the meaning of life is our ultimate purpose and we do that by owning our pain, sitting in it and finding the meaning within.

When ‘we rail against the circumstances…. or get sucked in by the suckyness’ as Sarah Wilson (Author of ‘First, we make the beast beautiful) says, the clutching becomes exhausting and the soul is left without any nourishment.

So how are you able to look at your situation and find the meaning in it? Does journalling or automatic writing work for you? Or is simply meditating in it? Would love to hear how you can change your perspectives!

And no matter how difficult or underwhelming your position is, there is something good somewhere you can find it.

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