Connecting your soul to Earth

Aaaah it is a time where we learn so much more about who we are and what we love as we learn to trust ourselves and embrace our journey on Earth this lifetime. I find myself wanting to connect with my soul and learn more about who I am, what I love and what a life for me is meant to be about.

Just a few small questions – right!

I understand my life is meant to be more than just living day to day, meal making, driving kids here & there and checking in with what my other half desires. I also get that we want to have plans & goals and ways to achieve these.

But somewhere I have missed the part where I love who I am and trust myself.

This is where I loooove using my muscle testing to help me connect back to my soul and what I really desire. These are a few fun ways to get back to you:

Working with your Plants: You can try muscle testing to see when they need water or if there is anything else they need. Remember to say thank-you for being in your world and share love with them as you can. Try to bring a few into your home however you can whether it is succulents, terrariums, ferns or plants in water jugs. This is a great way to bring harmony and revive your space in many ways. – (Excerpt from An Intuitive Adventure: The Magic of following where your Soul leads)

Today I wandered the house asking which plants needed love and what they needed through Muscle Testing. It is such a hoot to take the guess work out a bit. I find it makes life a bit more interesting as things come through I may not have been thinking about. Two plants wanted some fertiliser, four wanted more sun & a few wanted water.

Here are some more ideas:

Connecting: Head out to a National Park or garden where you can get off the beaten track and sit undisturbed. Get into a relaxed meditative state. Sit on the ground, with your hands on the grass or soil and see what you can feel, hear or see.

Full Moon Cleanse: Stand under the full glow of the moon. Feel the light shine down onto you and into every cell of your body. Open the pores of your soul and feel the healing light soothe you.

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