Shift your BS, Goddess PODCAST

It may have been over many fun conversations that we delved, grew and uncovered the sh*te we were carrying that we realised, others would also benefit from these conversations.  Our unique backgrounds meant we never let our friends stay in their funk but help them see new ways of moving through it and getting closer to the side where they see their worth, love and value. No matter where we were – at a bar, on the beach or on holidays, helping each other shift the BS in fun, intuitive and creative ways

Sitting around the table at Hayley’s one summer’s afternoon, sipping on some mocktails and nibbling on a cheese platter, laughing at ourselves (and each other). Talking all things healing and shifting, and having deep meaningful conversations of our own journeys and the ones shared with us with the beautiful souls we work with, Hayley had an epiphany, and blurted out… why are we not recording this! This should be a PODCAST!!!

The three of us had worked together in our retreats and loved just coming together over a platter, banana bread or some scones. We’ve helped each other through our own BS many times over and enjoy connecting over conversations where we wanted to Shift, the raw and the real challenges we are thrown into at times.

Three women who also happen to share some pretty profound gifts…Authors, energy healer, hypnotherapist and kinesiologist all coming together to share our experiences in our own lives, the lives of the people we help and our lives as mothers, daughters, partners and friends.

So we have re-created our atmosphere of fun, laughter and deep and meaningful discussions about our lives and the common issues that we all seem to experience yet don’t really discuss it, particularly from a spiritual healing point of view. Topics and issues that we have all gone through, are going through or seeing people go through at this very moment.

So, by creating an enjoyable energy where we can discuss these issues, makes them seem easier to deal with and relatable, where we can all heal in a fun and supportive space.

One where it is ok to not be perfect, ok to not know the answer, ok to have ABSOLUTLEY NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING RIGHT NOW! and ok to sit down on your couch/bed or in the closet 😊 and take some time for you.

We want to help women love all of themselves. Finding out who we are without the filters. Knowing our worth & our value. And this is when Shift your BS Goddess was born. Sharing our stories to the world, and hosting weekends away helping others to shift their BS & live their lives authentically by embracing all of ourselves.

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