How to Ground you & what you wish to manifest.

Grounding is a beautiful process where you can deepen your connection to your soul and to your intentions.

By allowing yourself to ground you are bringing in a deeper sense of peace and belonging to your state of mind.

This will allow a greater sense of flow and purpose to your life, day, or intention. by having your spiritual crew in to help and assist you in this will make the process easier and more love and joy filled.

How to ground 101:

The best way we have found to ground is to visualise connecting from your base chakra or the base of your spine to the centre of the earth.

Whether it takes the form of a cord, beautiful tree roots or simply a waterfall joining to the centre of the Earth, which ever you feel a connection with.

Visualise the earth’s energy coming up your connection and cleaning your base chakra or energetic field and releasing back into the earth anything that no longer serves you, things that you no longer need.

You can also use this process to ground in intentions, what you would like to manifest. A couple of simple ways is to visualise what you wish to manifest and then either hold it in your space while you ground or visualise this desire with a bubble around in and then connect this to the centre of the Earth with a grounding cord.

Whatever helps you to feel like this is now real and something you can visualise in your world.

This excerpt is from 40 Days of Rituals for connecting with your soul – available now for pre-order.

📷:  Kaique Rocha from Pexels