40 Days of Rituals for Connecting with your soul


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Life can be busy, and it can take us to places that we never thought we would go. Having a daily ritual to grow the connection with your soul will help you feel and believe in your divinity. We are more than human beings having a human experience, we are souls having a life experience.

The journey is about unerthing who we are and trusting ourselves along the way. These daily practices are a way to connect you back to your true nature. To see all that you have to offer. See the purpose and let it unfold with love and trust, by helping you know your worth.

Each day we connect to your souls intention and discover what you wish to unfold for the day. Each week we will look at ways to support your body and automatic writing, as well as moon, chakra and aura rituals to help you to connect with your divine goddess within.


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