Week 3 – Automatic Writing

Automatic writing (AW) is an insightful and simple way to connect with your soul and its an interesting way to connect daily with your higher self. It is an amazing way to gain clarity on issues and allows you to hear what you need and understand things from the perspective of your higher self. Some o the ways it has helped us is with clarity with our relationships, work, family, manifesting our desires, understanding issues and letting our true feelings be seen.

The best way to begin is to get some time to yourself, whether outside or in your bedroom. Somewhere you will not be interrupted! Set your intention to be able to hear your soul. Light a candle, take some deep breaths and ground.

Pick up your pen, start writing “My soul would like to say… ” and do not worry about what comes out. As far as you are concerned it could sound like a complete gobbledy gook. The point is to allow it out without analysing it. If you find nothing is coming out, keep writing “My soul would like to say…” until you find words start to come out.

AW is a great start to your morning routine with your daily intention as it is then a more focused way to achieve your dreams/desires. keeps you on track. If I’m feeling overwhelmed stressed and cant figure it out.