Unerthn Series

The Unerthn series is about connecting with like minded souls and learning ideas for intuition, manifesting, soul healing and much more. Cheriee and I are the hosts of this series and love having soul filled, authentic conversations with humour while learning and growing.

We have been gathering as a group at the Steakhouse in Stanthorpe and also host these online at the same time. We have been using Instagram Live as our platform.

We are also looking for presenters who are interested in offering any of the following:

  • Sharing tools that have helped you in the area of manifesting, soul healing or connecting with your intuition.
  • Offering an evening class/healing session (either complimentary or at a cost)
  • Hosting a workshop (either online or in person in Stanthorpe, SE Qld or Northern NSW coast )

Want a sneek peak of what you are in store for? Have a look at these previous episodes in the series:

Here we are discussing a number of ideas re manifesting for 2021 as well as ideas on what uplevelling your soul looks like. And thanks to all those who joined us on the live chat – we had such a hoot! Please comment below & let us know what you thought… Would love to hear what you are looking forward to for 2021 too!

Time to manifest is a process where you can plant your goals, deeply and directly into your future, so that they almost happen automatically, magically! You will also find the guided journey starts just after 32 minutes if you wish to skip through to here once you have your SMART goal in mind (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic with a Timeline).

Natalie shares her techniques to heal using light language through song and words. I remember the first time I heard Natalie share her work with me and I felt my body readjust and felt all tingly and by the end of it, felt like I had shifted something quite incredible.

Supercharge your personal power!

Michelle joins Shan Cox from Erthn talking all things on “Supercharging your Personal Power through Empathy”. If you’re done being misunderstood, feeling like you’re not heard, stuck in a loop and/or seeking purpose…tune in to this part of the series and let’s get you tuned up !

If you wish to join in live and be involved in the conversation, these are hosted on Instagram Live. Head to erthn.com.au to join our newsletter and we will let you know as each show goes live and what is coming up also.

If you would like to join us as a presenter, feel free to email us at hello@erthn.com.au.

PS. We will also be launching Shannon’s new book The Intuitive Adventure mid 2021. If you know of any bookstores or shops who would be interested in hosting a book launch/workshop, please let us know!

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