The Magical Manifesting Journal – PDF Version


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Our little journal has arrived into our space, looking for their own homes.

BUCKET LIST MAGIC: This is a chance to really dive into manifesting in all its glorious unfolding. Start by connecting to your soul, what moves you, what really inspires you. Then write down a collection of adventures, creative ideas, tidbits that you want to see in your life. This is your manifesting list for the universe.

IN-DEPTH MONTHLY ADVENTURES: Each month, we take some of the juicy stuff & elaborate so you can get a look at new ideas on how to manifest, how to connect with your body, cleanse your space or ditch some sh*tty mindsets (just to name a few!)

JOURNAL TIME: And one of the best ways we have learned about ourselves, our intuition & what guidance we need is by journaling. Here is your chance to watch what starts to appear in your world & get some insights into where your soul wishes for you to head!


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