The Magical Manifesting Journal – Paperback




Now is the time to invite wonder, light & love into your life. Allow it to fill every nook & cranny of your being. You are here to create the adventure that your soul has been yearning for all this time.

And this my friend, will take time, love, and patience.

Make a pot of tea or coffee. And find a comfy spot. We are going to take some time to learn more about you, all that makes you the truly unique being you are and to allow yourself to embrace all of you. We mentioned Love. Love for those who surround you, that help you on your journey & love for you.
All of you.

Embrace all those parts you have hidden so long from the world. All those parts that are misunderstood and hidden away in the back. So far back that you may have forgotten they exist.

And patience. This is not about the final destination. This is all about the journey. Enjoy each foot step, each breath, each moment that you are here. You will find where your true adventure lies.

Each week, we will be testing & challenging your boundaries. Stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new by choosing desires you have held for some time. This expansion is where magic happens.

Each month, we will be soul searching, uncovering hidden jewels, like shells on the beach & reflecting on your journey thus far.

But before we start, it is now time to connect with your inner being, your self…. your soul. Find the fire in your belly and what makes your soul sing. It is time to find you.


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