Past Life Activity – Intuitive Cards & Mini Course (DOWNLOADABLE)


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Remembering, this is about connecting back into you and creating a deeper understanding of yourself and your thought processes and feelings.

By connecting back into who you are and what you are feeling, will allow you to find a greater clarity on any situation, not to mention the added bonus of putting yourself and your needs at the forefront of your decisions and your world!

What we found really helps is not looking at the card you are reading, which allows yourself to free up anything it represents for you, bypass your conscious mind and connecting with how you really feel.


Welcome to our Past Life Healing Activities and Cards.

Past lives can play a major part in our life, and these can become more
noticeable as you become more intune with who you are. Past Lives can
manifest in many different ways in your life- by a recurring drama cycle
(for example allowing yourself to be continuously taken advantage of) or a
certain fear that seems ridiculous or weird, like it is not yours.

By recognising these feelings or cycles, quite often you will find that a lot
of them can stem from a past life. This is why we have created this mini
course, To help you, so that you can free yourself from these blockages,
fears and emotions, in order to live life as a more truer version of yourself.

INCLUDES: Past Life Activity with Cards & Instructions as well as videos.


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