Self Healing Intuitive Cards & Mini Course (DOWNLOADABLE)


Remembering, this is about connecting back into you and creating a deeper understanding of yourself and your thought processes and feelings.

By connecting back into who you are and what you are feeling, will allow you to find a greater clarity on any situation, not to mention the added bonus of putting yourself and your needs at the forefront of your decisions and your world!

What we found really helps is not looking at the card you are reading, which allows yourself to free up anything it represents for you, bypass your conscious mind and connecting with how you really feel.

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This is the next instalment of the Erthn intuitive cards range. We are so excited to have you here!

Finding a way to create peace within, is something that we all greatly desire.

Finding ways to create a deeper understanding of ourselves in a loving way that is filled with light and laughter is soul healing at its best.

This is why we have created these beautiful cards.

These Soul Healing cards have been designed to spark a fountain of love towards yourself and create a deeper soul discovery.

DON’T FORGET that whilst doing these cards by yourself can be beneficial, having a friend or two there to help you lighten the mood, whilst enjoying chocolate, coffee, and laughs, are key to make this a memorable experience and make this soul journey into you easier and lighter.

Includes: Cards, Video’s, Instructions & access to facebook group for more ideas & tips.


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