Intuitive Card Pack – Includes free live sessions, Intuitive Card Deck

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Yay! Welcome to our Intuitive card pack, the first step to truly being able to connect with your intuition and understanding your desires, passions and the direction that life is taking you.

This pack is an important first step to understanding how your intuition works, and what it can do for you. It shows you how you have ALWAYS had the answers inside you, and now with the help of this pack, we will be able to nurture your intuition so it is at the fore front of all of your decision making.

From what breakfast food or outfit will light me up this morning? To the really big questions – is it in my best interest to take this job opportunity? Should I move to this place or this place? Your intuition is always there, in the background to help you, guide you to make the best decisions for you and your life.

The Intuitive Card Pack Includes:

  • Access to 2 free live sessions on facebook to practise your intuitive deck and connect with other like minded souls.
  • Includes Free Intuitive Card Deck with Instruction book, 24 cards &  additional spare cards
  • access to our facebook group for more inspiration and ideas to grow your intuition.
  • Fortnightly emails with ideas on how to trust yourself, grow your intuition and support your energetic self.

FREE BONUS:  Intuitive Card Deck

It’s here!!! This is our original intuitive game that changed the way we used our intuition and has helped us and so many people we know to see just how easy it is to hear/connect with your intuition and just how much information is readily available inside of you!


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