Manifesting & Uplevelling your soul

Here we are discussing a number of ideas re manifesting for 2021 as well as ideas on what uplevelling your soul looks like.

The Unerthn series is about connecting with like minded souls and learning ideas for intuition, manifesting, soul healing and much more. If you would like to join us either as a presenter, feel free to email us at

If you wish to join in live and be involved in the conversation, these are hosted on Instagram Live. Head to to join our newsletter and we will let you know as each show goes live and what is coming up also.

The website we talk about in the show where there is the free Light Language Download is

And thanks to all those who joined us on the live chat – we had such a hoot! Please comment below & let us know what you thought… Would love to hear what you are looking forward to for 2021 too!

Much love & light x

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