Intuitive Cards with Shan & Cheriee – Unerthn Series

It’s here!!!

This is the tool that has changed the way we accessed our intuition and has helped so many people we know to see how easy it is to hear/connect with their intuition and just how much information is readily available inside of them!

This activity has helped us with just about everything from our relationships, our fears, how we see ourselves, to our decisions and choices, even helping us to heal ourselves, changing the stories that we no longer needed.

Join us 15 Feb to discover just how easy this intuitive game is to help you in your day to day life.

There will be a download available before the session, so you can join in with us.

This will also be hosted live at the Steakhouse in Stanthorpe from 6pm or
Online via Instagram Live from 6:30pm. 

If you missed out on any of our previous Unerthn sessions, feel free to check them out here.