Soul Healing with essential oils, meditation and a bath.

I am a bath addict. They are what rejuvenate me and make me kinder, while encouraging my skin to be supple and beautiful.

Normally epsom salts and maybe a splash of lavender… But tonight I got drawn to my drawer of essential oils. Now I have learnt that splashing random essential oils in your bath is not always clever. Clove and I have had a match off and I definately ended up worst off. But tonight, for one reason or another, I just got guided to 2 oils – Vetiver and Rosemary.

Now I do use muscle testing to find what guides me to these oils, you could also try what feels good with your hand above it or even what lights you up when you hold. I then read the meaning of these oils before sitting with this information in the bath. (My fave book is Emotions & Essential oils sold by Doterra – it has a wealth of ideas about the oils and what they help with.) Call it meditating on them or just understanding them more. For me, I found it fascinating that Rosemary is about transformation, while Vetiver is about being ready to sit in the pain and say goodbye to it without the need to hide from it or quit. Fascinating because earlier I had just been talking about sitting in the pain and here I was being guided to do it!

For me, muscle testing is an awesome tool to gather information on where this pain was residing, (as well as host of other things) however using your inner guidance or even journalling would work here. I felt guided to where the pain was and then allowed myself to sit in it and really understand what connections it had. As I focused on the connections, a belief or contract would pop up that was holding this in. As I visualised the belief or contract being either released or torn up, the pain began to dissipate. In fact, this session helped me move pain from years and years ago but also helped me feel stronger and lighter for dealing with it without the issue in my face at this time.

All in all, I found this session to help me really lighten my heart and show me how much easier I could be on me, especially with regards to all the people I have in my life that I want to ‘help’ but in actual fact was hurting. It was a beautiful and quite simple way in the end to do a massive healing sess.

Now I am curious to who loves these type of inward lookings towards healing yourself and who would love to learn more in these types of sessions. Feel free to message if you would love to learn more or let me know if you found this insightful. The only important thing I found at the end, was to ask your soul/guides what was needed to end the session to ensure you have finished all you need.

Aside from that candles rock, and some lovely music in the background always help. Have fun, enjoy the journey and share your finds!

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