Falling in Love with You activity

Sometimes I find my inspo comes in beautiful and random moments. I may have been lying in bed, feeling loved up watching whatever movie my heart desired and doing cards at the same time… because I can.

As I flipped through the cards, one hit home. It talked about what you love about yourself and which parts you’re not liking and writing a list.

Pausing my movie (Have to make sure I actually pay attention to what I am thinking), I wrote down a list of things I loved and did not love about myself.

It was crazy, because one of the first things I did not like about myself was that I love connecting with others. Somehow over the years of interactions, I had popped this idea in, that wanting to be around people and spend time with them was not a desirable trait. As I wrote this list down, I realised how many other things I had somehow added negativety to them for one reason or another such as enjoying cooking, or forgetting about what has happened in other peoples worlds.

It was enlightening and so beautiful to them go through this list and reframe them to be neither good nor bad but a part of who I am. Something about falling in love with who you are again and knowing that all you have to offer is beautiful in many forms.

Grab out your pen and right down your list. Once you are ready to let go of the list of things you do not like, Burn them or rip into tiny pieces and let this go. This no longer is your tale ❤️

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