Connecting to Souls Passed Over

This activity is inspired by a dear friend. It is for those moments we would love to reconnect and enjoy the memories we have of those we have lost. It is a wonderful way to hear how this person is. I do truly believe we do not lose our loved ones, they just now exist in another way. So if you wish to reconnect, clear the unspoken, or just share that love, this is a wonderful way to connect:

A beautiful way to remember those you have lost is to set aside some time to just sit in the memory of their essence.

This is remembering someone who has passed and visualising sitting in their presence.

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Maybe flick through some old photos or even reminisce some of the moments you shared together.

Take some deep breaths and release any tension you are holding in your body. Focus on their smile, the traits you loved about them, and what you wish you could say to them if they were here with you. Find something of theirs that you can hold onto to help connect with their spirit.

Remember what it felt like when you were with them and invite them back into your space now, just to hang with you.

Think of where you hope they live now, whether it is on a tropical island, with their loved friends and family, or younger and pain free.

Wherever this may be, send your love to them and remind yourself how thankful you are to have had them in your life.

This is an exerpt from ‘an Intuitive Adventure: The Magic of Following where your Soul Leads by Shannon Cox.’ This will be released in Sep/Oct 2021 in Australia and pre-orders are available here as well as through Amazon, Dymocks, Booktopia and all leading bookstores.

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

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