Aaaaah Isolation…

To be in isolation,

There are soo many things that arise when you are by yourself… the fears and beliefs the not feelings of enough-ness, or unworthy.

Mmm isolation.

In the beginning you were amazing, I loved every second of being by myself. I could cook, LOOK at the wine (and keep walking) have a coffee, read, sleep, have a coffee, (glance over at the wine) eat (whenever I wanted to) and go to the toilet (whenever I wanted to – don’t worry I’m a teacher). OH MY GOD those last 2 things are amazing, it’s the simple things.. it really is! But then more talk of ICU beds and more COVID-ness then day by day isolation turned to into the I-C-me stuff. The fears I have (and there are many) and beliefs about my parenting skills, or how I should be doing this and that, taking the time to make myself into a better version of me. The pressure! From me to me!

AAHHHH! Sweet release NETFLIX!

The moments I am realising that I am struggling I have SLOWLY realised that this where I need to get the hell out of my head! At the moment I am writing this its 11pm and I am singing to an awesome playlist I made called singing. So I can belt out a tune and sing as loud as I want, with the music as loud as I want (don’t worry my closest neighbour is about 1km away). Go Alanis Morrisette!! You rock! I have found that the small moments of yay-ness need to be met and found frequently. And with an open mind! I got pulled to draw some beautiful pictures of a mushroom forest with forest animals. Then, after a quiet coffee, to read the Celestine prophecy again, back to the computer to create some beautiful pictures for the Erthn facebook site. Tomorrow I’m thinking I will continue my life endeavour of learning the piano (well that’s the plan anyway!).

I have a great friend Annie who I’m facebook stalking (love you chick), to get ideas on stepping outside of my box, my comfort zone! She is learning to knit, embroid… and the list continues!

So its ok, don’t worry people there is hope! We are here all in the same boat. If you get stuck in a rut, or feeling melancholic don’t worry we love you, you’re ok, you are not alone.. trust me.

Below I have created a Bingo of sorts to have some fun with! Let us know how you go! Explore this, change a square or two if you need to but I try to complete it ALL! Not just a line! Coz let face it, we have time! I have also created a colouring in page for you to print if you can, or if you have the means to colour it in on the computer!!

Good luck!

Click on either image to print out your own copy!

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