In 2014 my life took a complete change. 

I was pushing to be all I could for my family, our business, my kids while doing uni and it all came crashing down around me.  I was hospitalised with a stress condition that affected my ability to walk as well as control my bladder and bowel. 

The doctor’s came over and said basically my body was healthy and I needed to work out how to handle the stress better.

I looked at yoga, at mediation, mindfulness but something was telling me that my body knew what was going on here… If I could understand what was happening with my body I may be able to heal this.  

And then I discovered energy medicine & muscle testing.  

And these tools, opened up my world in so many ways.  I learnt about healing my chakra’s and aura’s and meridians.  

This is how I got interested in all things Erthn, you may say.  

It was 2016 that I decided to begin the Erthn range.  I printed this collection on a beautiful range of organic and recycled fabrics and sent them out far and wide.  While I loved our tee range, it also became clear that I needed more size options  (our recycled only went up to a large!) and I wanted each person to have access to their favourite style of tee - what was comfy for them!  

I searched far and wide for a way to come up with a solution when I stumbled across this idea that allows my customers to design their favourite Erthn design on whichever tee, singlet, jumper or dress they prefer.

I was also incredibly excited to join back with Print Bar who printed our original range in 2014 and I just love their print quality, pricing and that they are nearby which means cheaper postage - woohooo!

It also opens us up to connect with like minded artists and creators to add even more beautiful pieces to this range.

I hope you enjoy your piece of Erthn as much as I do.   

PS  I am always on the lookout for new artists.  If you have something you would like to add into our collection - you rock!  Send me an email shan@erthn.com.au


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